To Blog or not to blog

…from inside the website.

Can I ask a question?

This relates to improving SEO. If I move a clients blog from blogger to run internally in the website as opposed to drawing from blogger and re publishing. Will this improve the SEO uptake for that content?

I know this is a very general question as there are so many facets to SEO, but I wanted to look at this particular element.

Advice, comments?

Thanks as always

Can you elaborate about that a little bit more?

My client has her blog on blogger. I’m trying to get a grip on improving SEO, and have been told that if I host the blog in the website (not simply link to it from the website) this will help improve the SEO of the website itself.?

When you build content it only applies to the website you are building it for.

  1. Content added to blogger is content that is building Blogger’s website and all the SEO benefits of traffic, content and links go to it.

  2. Linking a blog from blogger to your customers website is nothing more than a link, a link that helps Blogger because it has more incoming links. It is actually hurting your client because the link juice is being pulled from your customer and given to Blogger.

Bottom line, you want to host the blog on your customer’s website.