Blog or Facebook?

(Rob Beattie) #1

Starting to think about a new website for a client and they’re keen to have a blog. I’ve always thought this was a good idea but now I’m wondering whether a regularly-updated Facebook page that does the same kind of thing might be a better idea, both in terms of creating a community (we all know how hard it is to get people to comment on blog posts) and SEO.

I’d be interested to know what people think.


(NeilUK) #2

IMHO, definitely a blog.

Your client doesn’t control FB or what they do with that content. Social media should be used to get people to their site. I never understand why some people have Facebook and Twitter feeds all over their site that people click on, only to be taken away from their website.

The time is better invested in building up a unique website/blog that is under complete control of the person producing the content.

(Jason Bostick) #3

If they could handle doing both, I think they serve different needs. Maybe a blog - say, once a month with a little more in depth postings - for SEO and a regularly updated Facebook page to encourage engagement?

(scott williams) #5

Blog and Facebook…
Post snippet of content on FB and use Facebook to send traffic to the blog/website.

People do it backwards all the time sending people off their site to FB.

(...) #7

IMO, This is the correct solution to build the most traffic and build community.

(Doug Bennett) #8

FB post are not a replacement for a blog. You can and will have visitors to your website that don’t use FB(like me).

As far as SEO what you post on facebook other than the links (not likes) to your website won’t help your website.

A blog is what you need.

(Will Woodgate) #9

Not forgetting of course, that you can have a blog which can automatically repost / share your newest blog articles automatically to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Tumblr has a built-in feature to do this. Using the RapidWeaver Blog, there used to be a free service available that would periodically check your RSS feed hourly and share links - I can’t remember the name of it now or whether it still exists.

But the possibility is there, because there are plugins for Wordpress that can do this sort of thing already.

I would agree with others that Facebook is NOT a replacement to a blog. Facebook might be able to claim that a fifth of the planet has a Facebook account, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all those people regularly use Facebook or find Facebook a comfortable or easy way to access your news content.

(Brian LaPan) #10

@Aaron wrote an excellent article on this question.

(e.g.,) #11

Isn’t Facebook kind of the equivalent of the old AOL disks with 1000hrs? When most people have broadband.
I spent 2 days there to know it was for Grannies.

Statistics. Has anyone ever BOUGHT anything off a Facebook page?

Facebook seems to pull people off a main site - they often never return, if its an adjunct that in any way competes with a real page. The only purpose might be a way to POINT to a real website, where most transactions should occur.

swilliam is dead on. AND Succinct.

Facebook pages feel static. Annoyingly requires joining.

Meanwhile, people in Facebook response, want to add to your wall with every game score they achieve, if you allow it - to backfill your site with their content. Seems to me dilutes whatever intent a webpage decides to drive & becomes a “sharing” site instead.

But you don’t need to have them create a Disqus account to contribute…

(Rob Beattie) #12

Thanks to everyone for their contributions to this thread. Some really insightful stuff here that’s given me plenty of food for thought. Appreciate you all taking the time to chip in.


(e.g.,) #13

Would be interesting to know to know what you conclude, in your specific case.

(Rob Beattie) #14

I’m leaning towards what @jabostick and @SteveB suggested.

More in-depth blog articles about once a month
More regular (weekly?) FB updates that drive visitors towards the site.

The blog is like News at Ten - supposedly serious journal of record stuff
The FB page is like the One Show - more magaziney but still somewhat issues-based

Note sure what the US or European equivalents would be!


(Stewart Holland) #15

If they have time they should do a blog plus FB plus Twitter plus Intagram plus LinkedIn. They all help in some way to build the Brand. The brand is key to longevity.

(Nick Wilcox-Brown) #16

Blog and FB make definite sense. Based on recent experience and (by my understanding )full compatibility with RW Blog, give InStacks Poster stack a run - blog functionality without all the DB hassles. Based on the RW Blog compatibility, I’m guessing that @willwood’s suggestion of auto-post upload would work too, so giving the best of both worlds?

Good luck!

(...) #17

You will need open graph tags to post a link on social media and have it build links and previews for you. Be sure whatever you chose has them available unless you are okay entering all information by hand.