RW 7.3 issue with folder names

I have been testing rapid weaver 7.3 anyone had issues changing the folder in general settings from; (lets say page 1 to a new folder name). Have sent a note to realmac but wanted to ask here.

I’m not sure what you mean… there are no folder names in General Settings.

under the page inspector the general settings and then the folder name under the meta data.
my issue has ben that when i rename a folder the next page below it is also renamed. Such as; {page 5 changed to (about-us) or (/about) in the folder} When I change this the contact page will also change to this same folder name.

Sorry… I thought you were referring to General Settings in the left hand Page pane.

Make sure both pages have unique file names and make sure the Page names in the left hand Page pane are different. You may have to delete the page and re-create it. Did you by any chance duplicate one page to make the other?

I opened a new project to check. I had a home page, Page 1 and Page 2 i did not duplicate any pages. I made (page 1 contact) and (page 2 about) I typed (/contact) in the folder area the then went to about page and noted that about page had become the contact page only in the folder area but the name on the side bar was still about us. Went back to contact page and noted the the folder had changed to page 1.
What data should I send so you can check more in depth?

Hi @Jeremiah1,

Would you be able to zip up your project file and email it to please? Mention my name and include a link to this thread, and I’ll take a look at what’s going on.

@Jeremiah1 thanks, I’ve received your project.

I think the issue here is coming from those leading / characters, and how RapidWeaver tries to resolve paths when there are multiple pages with the same folder name (when you’re half-way through the renaming process).

So first of all I’d go through all of your pages and remove the leading / character from the folder name field. Once that’s done you should be able to go through and rename the folders correctly. If you’re still having issues, it might be worth using temporary names (contact1, for example) until you’ve got all the folder names updated.

More detail: When you change your “Contact” page from /about to contact and then change to the page titled “About” (with the folder currently set at /contact), RapidWeaver doesn’t know which page it should use - so it uses the first one in the list. So when you change pages, it still thinks that the original page should be selected.

Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes.

I had already an customer issue like that in the past. IMHO it would be good if you remove any of these special characters like / or \ in the folder and file name automatically.
Thanks, Jannis

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I have found that if I name my folders while creating the project one page at a time I have no issues. I think the idea of removing the / and naming the folders contact1 Ect to keep it unique for a group of page folders is a good idea. As of now I was able to resolve the issue by using two pages above and below the page as a buffer. I was naming the folder then deleting the extra pages. As I move forward I will name the folders as I create the page so that the path stays organized.