Toggle menu not as it should be - SOLVED

I’m using the theme Qube from Seydesign. Everything is working fine except for the toggle menu. When the site is opened on an iPad portrait view the toggle menu button known also as an off canvas menu appears as it should but the menu itself is not what it should be. I’ve emailed @willwood about it and he told me no one has had the problem that I’m having. He gave me a couple of possible fixes, clearing the cache in my browser and also the changes I’ve made to the site have not published. I’ve gone over the site with what I believe is fine tooth comb and republished from the file menu. Here is what it looks like.

If you’re not seeing changes on your pages, check to make sure you’re in html vs php or vice versa? If you now have a page that uses php, RW would have renamed it and there will be 2 index files on your server.

  1. index.php
  2. index.html
    You would need to delete the old one.

@Hanko The email you sent me was discussing Creamy, not Qube. Creamy and Qube are two entirely separate theme designs.

If you have changed themes or the details of your setup have changed since you last communicated with me, please open a new support case by email with the revised information attached. Don’t forget to say what version of the theme(s) you are using and provide a link to the actual test site online. Then I’ll be in a much better position to help you.

If you don’t know what theme version you are using, please provide a copy of your purchase receipt. I took over seyDesign last August and have updated many of the theme designs (and continue to do so). I can try to help you update to the latest version, if updates are pending for you.

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Sorry for the confusion. I am out of town right now but will return later
today and catch you up on my Qube problem. How does one find out what
version of a theme one has?

Hi, Henry,

Take a look at the first screenshot:

You need to click the Addons button (marked in red circle). As a result, the new window will open (second screenshot):

As you can see, all themes have version numbers showing underneath names.


Sorry folks, I did not have the latest version of the theme Qube. The latest version is 4.0.1 and I had 4.0. Amazing what an upgrade will do. Yes all is well now. Thanks @Rovertek for the tip. And of course thanks as always to @willwood for his help. Amazing how quickly Will gets back.