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I made some change on the website : and after publishing the menu button stopped to work. Strange because the changes are only text and the problems with the menu button is on each page of the website.

I make a preview (Safari) and it’s perfect but after publishing, the menu button doesn’t work and the font of the tittle and slogan are not correct.

Any idea ?

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Is there an update available for your theme?

All the fonts and Javascript libraries like jQuery appear to be called insecurely via HTTP instead of HTTPS.

The web browser is blocking them from loading. Therefore your menu button and ExtraContent has ceased to work.

When you view a website offline in RapidWeaver preview or Safari, it will work correctly because the website is not secured with an SSL certificate at that point.

It would only be after you publish the website to a secure server that the blocked loading mixed content errors would arise.

Can you do a republish all?

of course, I did some times

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