Tooltip not working

I have a couple of pages with the sptooltip pop-up that shows on hover. I did another page for another site, and it looks like all is the same, and works in the RW simulate, and from my drive (the published version), but when I hover or click on the web page item, nothing happens. Can anyone please check this and figure out why?

thanks in advance

Can anyone help with this?

To start…just basics…always name your pages, index.html or .php
makes a cleaner display…
Not sure what you are trying to show tooltips for…if it the info inside that table…you have 2 things trying to work there…the tooltip and the table highlighting.

This is what is supposed to happen when you hover over the first name

And each succeeding names

It s a small site, with these pages

You have errors on your site, which is likely why it isn’t working. Other than a re-publish of files, you’d have to check with the developer on an answer - that’s above my paygrade.

Weird. Thanks for finding that. Now to figure out whee it comes from, as I did not use anything non-standard.

@willwood might be able to decipher those errors (if they’re coming from his Super Tooltip stack or his theme).

Another possibility*: if the file from the mixed content error isn’t loading, it may be impacting the other errors (everything has ‘jquery’ in it somewhere afterall).

If you try to Republish All Files (assuming your RW project has an https address), that’d hopefully get rid of the mixed content error, and that might help the others.

*Again, above my paygrade so that mightn’t be helpful at all.

My advice would be to get the mixed content issue fixed first.

You can read the error console like a screenplay…

The browser is first complaining that you are pulling jQuery from an insecure source (Google) and is blocking it.

This then has a direct knock-on effect of other functions (like Cluetip) not being able to run, because they have dependencies on jQuery - which as we’ve said already is being blocked.

One way to fixed the mixed content issue is to go into your Stacks settings and opt to use a local version of jQuery. Uncheck all the CDN options:

This is also good practice for greater website privacy and reliability. Make sure your website is publishing to HTTPS in the RapidWeaver settings and then do a full republish of the whole website. It may take a while, but this should ensure things start to work again.

Weirdly I cannot find any reference to ‘Cluetip’ in my Super Tooltips stack.

Perhaps the problem is that you are using a much older version that isn’t SSL compatible and was hard-coding jQuery calls and other things? Checking the source code, the latest version of my Super Tooltips stack is using the Tooltipster plugin as its codebase.

I don’t recognise the source code in the test website as being mine. It certainly looks very old and outdated!

You may need to check your addon versions and seek to upgrade some of them to newer and better versions. Or hire one of us to ‘patch’ these older versions so you can continue using them on an SSL website.

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Thanks. got to get to the bottom of this. I did the page over again and get the same results. these are my stacks settings

It is the same version running on my other site, updated a few months ago after the RW update. it is a simple stacks page with a text box, table builder, and supertooltip

I am still convinced you are using old and outdated stacks that are incompatible with an SSL website.

My previous post suggests how you can potentially move forward in resolving this problem; either modifying what you’ve got or swapping old for new.

RX-TableBuilder.stack is 2.0.0 from May 7, 2019
RX-SuperTooltips.stack is 1.0.1
Stacks.rapidweaverplugin 3.0.1

RW is Version 8.2.1 (20758)

It says all stacks are up to date.

Your page meta tags are suggesting slightly differently:

TableBildr Stack is obsolete and was replaced with TableBuilder, current version is 2.0

superTooltips Group, superTooltips Style, and superTooltips Content are the old obsolete stacks by Mauricio Sabene and got replaced sometime ago with the new ‘all in one’ Super Tooltips stack, current version is 1.0.1.

In your addons folder, you should have:

  • RX-SuperTooltips.stack
  • RX-TableBuilder.stack

Of course, what you have installed in RapidWeaver and what you actually drag and drop into the page can be different. I suspect you still have older versions of these stacks somewhere on your system that you have continued to use, in place of these newer ones.

You would need to manually swap-out the old stacks in your pages and replace with the new ones. TableBuilder has an entirely new GUI because the Stacks v3 plugin deprecated support for ‘repeats’. SuperTooltips is an entirely brand new stack with a different codebase and mobile support (which the old one lacked).

The easiest way to know you are adding the newest versions to the page is that they have the simple teal and white icons like this:


Ok, thanks. I found the email with the download link. Looks like I never had downloaded the actual version I had paid for.

Frustrating. After installing the latest, I still get the same non-function of the tooltip. On hover it should show the picture and text.

RX-SuperTooltips.stack is version 1.0.1 that I bought and downloaded May 7, and just downloaded again with the email link

RX-TableBuilder.stack is now version 2.0.0

If you republished to the link above, looks as if you are still getting errors. Also looks like the only update was to tablebuilder. You still have the old " superTooltips Style" and “superTooltips Group”.

You also might check the theme, looks like you are using Theme Floods free Basic Blue. Make sure it’s current as well.

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If you haven’t, you may have to actually replace the old stacks on the page with the new updated stacks. Add the new stack to the page, set the settings and delete the old one. It may not be enough to just update the stack and re-publish. Yes, it’s more work.

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Totally frustrating. Ten years of Rapidweaver and now I hit a wall.

I set aside this weekend to start the page over with the new stack, and I can’t find any instructions. All I want to do is put a picture and text linked to the hover from the table builder.

I am assuming that you no longer put the three elements into the new version, that I can use two columns with an image and text, or no?
Or do I put it in the title and notes?
And how do you link from the name in the table? that used to be with ID 1, 2, 3, etc? How do I do that now?
The RWExtras site says there are fully illustrated instructions in edit mode, but where?

I don’t know any way of putting images inside tooltips. When I acquired in 2017, it appears that functionality had already been removed by one of the previous owners.

I’d make the case that this is not what tooltips are designed to do. Tooltips are generally seen as small, informational snippets of text, like extra instructions against a link. From your screenshot, it looks like you are trying to display a large quantity of mixed content with additional columns / styling.

Sure, 10 years ago it might have been possible to load a lot of content into a tooltip. But since then, the iPhone (and countless other smartphones) have come along. So nearly everyone on these forums demands that these addons work on seamlessly on tablet and mobile devices. It’s called ‘responsive web design’ if you want to research it further. You sometimes have to look at this from a mobile-first mind set and be prepared to make compromises. A lot of web design and best practices have changed in 10 years to keep abreast of all the new technologies arriving on the scene. We have to evolve and move forward.

If this was my website, I would make text links or buttons inside the table. Then set those links to either open in a modal / lightbox effect or on a new page. The latter would certainly be easier and probably gain your more SEO points. At a pinch, you could perhaps have a toggle effect to slide open and reveal more content inside the table - although again you would need to be mindful about how this functions on smaller screens.

Links definitely are possible in the TableBuilder stack, so I don’t know where IDs come into the discussion. If you are wanting to link to specific table rows using anchors, then I imagine that would be feasible using the free AnchorPoint stack inside the first cell of a table row. And the instructions are working in edit mode for me too, including the illustrated code snippets for merging table columns or cells.

If you prefer working with the old versions of these stacks, then it has already been suggested previously in this discussion that we can possibly upgrade the jQuery call to make it SSL compatible for a small fee. But I am away on vacation from Thursday 29th August until second week of September. So if you want this done, you will need to schedule it with us today ASAP. We will be closed from Thursday 29th August for summer break, and unable to answer messages or work on customisations during this period.

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Thanks for your detailed replay.I see your point on the phones. I have this tooltips on my main site, and it works on my computer and simulations, but just checked it on my iPhone, and it does not work, so I guess I have to fix both. IÍ’ll find a work-around. The current page is about a convention that is coming up in 5 weeks, so no big deal.

But I still can’t figure out how to use this new version, and the only instructions that come out ore a little box, and it says there are 5 general themes, although I can’t find them anywhere. And I can’t figure out where to put the text and how to make it show.

These stacks work much the same as any other stacks you would download and use.

In edit mode, you can access the settings for both stacks in the Stacks side panel.

Table Builder:

Super Tooltips:

Note how in both stacks, the first checkbox option allows you to toggle the display of instructions.

And in the settings for Super Tooltips, you can clearly see the select menu option there to change the theme, which you asked about in your last reply.

So if you did not know how to use Super Tooltips, you would move your mouse over the setting that says Display Instructions and click once to enable that option (mark it as checked or clicked). Then in edit mode you see the instructions for the stack.

To turn off the display of instructions after you have read them, uncheck the Display Instructions setting.

Instructions are only ever shown in edit mode and are limited to a paragraph or two of information. They are not shown when you preview or publish the webpage.

All the stacks are purposely extremely simple in functionality. Hence their low prices. So rather than going to great lengths of putting loads of documentation on the website, the instructions are bundled inside the stack and give insight into the basics of how the stack works and useful features at your disposal. Toggle these instructions on or off in the stack settings.

Additionally if you take your mouse and move it over any of the settings, it will display some informational tooltips about what that exact setting does.

Obviously if you are seeing different settings to the ones I have screen-grabbed above, then that could be indicative that you have still got old / obsolete versions of these stacks installed and in-use on your website. All the new stacks have a green icon, as I published here.

It sounds like you are new to Stacks or revisiting after a long period of absence. It may be advantageous for you to slow the pace down slightly and review some introductory tutorials about Stacks. @isaiah is the developer of the Stacks plugin and has some videos here to watch:

There are also some free-to-view tutorials about Stacks published on the RW Community Addons website:

And RapidWeaver Classroom also has some exceptionally good content to watch:

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