Top Bar Navigation for a responsive RW site

Would like to use the Hive theme but cannot due to no horizontal navigation. Can anyone suggest a horizontal navigation stack that will work with a responsive theme?

I’m not really sure what you mean here: I think you mean a responsive theme with horizontal menu navigation. There’s plenty of options at ThemeFlood:

I’m particularly fond of Volcano:

But you may prefer one of the other options. You can download a demo of all themes there.

BTW, there’s plenty of other themes that are responsive with horizontal navigation. ThemeFlood is just a very good developer, providing lots of nice options in the theme. But there are other good theme developers who make products you’d probably like.

I was not clear. IF I could find a stack that would let me put a horizontal theme at the top of the Hive Theme, I would like to find that. I will go take a look at Volcano however. Thanks.

Can you link to the Hive theme?