Top Bar/TBS transparency issue

Have used Top Bar with TBS for a couple of years but suddenly can’t make the Top Bar menu transparent no matter what I do. I’m sure I’ve overlooked something. Any help will be appreciated.

Are you talking about the background “Bar Color”?

I don’t have TBS but per the instructions (page 17) “Bar Color” has a Transparent option.

Hi Doug,
Thanks for the PDF but I’ve clicked the transparent option half a dozen times with no luck.

Deleted and reloaded the TBS stack 3 or 4 times.

Thought it might be because I was using it on top of the Impact stack but changing that out didn’t help either.

Always worked perfectly before. Don’t know if I’ve mistakenly over ridden it in Top Bar or what.


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If it helps, when clicking on “transparent” the bar turns white.


Tim Proctor Tim Proctor + Assoc. Photography

Without a URL it is impossible to know what you have done but the transparent setting in TBS should work regardless of the background setting in TopBar (example project here

I would also ask what you are using TBS for? It is very old now and many of the functions are now either included in TopBar itself or are better achieved using Chroma. Feel free to drop me a support email if you don’t get anywhere but please simplify the page down to just the stacks needed to demonstrate the problem - i.e TopBar, TBS and Impact.

Thank you Andrew. I was able to get it back to doing what I wanted but will definitely follow up on your advice about Chroma.
I have it but haven’t taken the time to learn how to use it.

Thanks for creating and offering the amazing number of stacks you do. They’re a blessing to us less experienced builders.


Tim Proctor Tim Proctor + Assoc. Photography

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