Top Thoughts for Poster Stack

My Top 2 development thoughts for this wonderful stack - what are yours?

  1. Integrated search feature for Poster. None of the other search features seem to integrate successfully.
  2. Ability to Command+A/Shift Click within the stack entries to multiple. That way I can open contents on many at a time or close as needed without multiple clicks. I can command+click to open… still slow to open and close though.

Add yours…


RapidSearch Live goes very well, very well with Poster.

Already done for Poster 2, coming out the next days.

Also this already works in Poster 2.


I’m holding off on purchasing until v2 is released. @instacks - when is this due out?

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Documentation is mostly finished. Afterwards I will record some videos. Hope in the next days I am able to release.


So looking forward to it coming out. Want to implement the new features ASAP at

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