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Hi all,

I am using TopBar extra zone in Foundation to place a search box. However, the box is aligning near the top and I need it vertically aligned. You can see it at
It’s the Search Site box in the top right.
Can someone please tell me how to move it down to the center?


If your top bar isn’t going to be changing height, can you just add some top margin to whatever stack the search box is sitting in?

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Hi Jason,

That’s what I originally thought I could do but the Extra Zone section is not a place that accepts stacks; it’s strictly html as far as I can tell.

Do you have it set to custom?
There should be a stack drop zone (but maybe only if you set it to ‘Right’ or ‘Left’)

Or if you’re using custom code, it does look like there are margin settings (it seems to be Top: 0px Bottom: 4px Left: 1px Right: 0px). If you can find those in your code, you could adjust them it looks like 15px would center you


Boy do I feel stupid. I had the extra zone set to custom with my form code inside it. I have now changed it to Dropzone, put in an html stack with the same code I had and added a top margin of 15px.
The moral of the story is don’t work on this after midnight since your brain is not firing on all cylinders. Thanks again!

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