Topbox lightbox cropping to fill half the screen - why?

Topbox by @willwood is great, I have everything working but the lightbox only fills half the screen. I have followed Will’s instructions on the tutorial page to overcome this issue:

-Disable extensions in your web browser (like Ad Blocker Plus, Click2Play, script blocker, etc.)
-Check the content going into the TopBox is responsive (flexible) and compatible with lightboxes or modal windows
-Ensure the correct content type has been selected (e.g. AJAX for AJAX content, images for image content)

I am using stacks to input content, which I assume are responsive and compatible with the lightbox.

I’d greatly appreciate any help to fix this.

Can you provide a link? It’ll really help people here to help you.

I haven’t published my site yet so I’m not sure how to share a link - apologies I’m new to RapidWeaver.

Hi @lu344

Just publish the site to your host then tell us the address, we can then visit that site, see the issue and hopefully troubleshoot it for you.

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