Looking for a Lightbox that automatically displays all images the same size

Hi there.

I am looking for a stack that will allow the following:

  1. Lets me display all the images on a page in a reduced “thumbnail” format
  2. Allows the opening of a lightbox when clicking on an image - and will automatically display all the images the same size - regardless of the existing size (used to be able to do this in iWeb)
  3. Allows captions for each image when opened in lightbox.

I currently have WeaverPix - but even when I try to resize the images in an outside editor - the images still seem to be different in size on the website…



I’m guessing by the responses so far - what I am trying to achieve is not possible… :grinning:

Maybe an alternative for me would be a lightbox that opens from a thumbnail page - that has the forward/reverse controls in the same place - regardless of the size of the image…

Anybody aware of this type of stack?



There is a plug-in that I think comes with RW called Photo Album. It is not a stack but does what you’re looking for. You also might want to take a look at image shuffler also a plug-in.

Thanks for the “heads up” regarding Photo Album. I looked on the website and it seemed like it was going to be perfect - then the fine print… it will only work with 25 images or less at once…

Image shuffler seems to be more of an album creation tool…

Thanks for the suggestions - getting closer for sure… :grinning:


The issue with cropping images client-side is how do you determine which part of the image gets cropped? Also it would be considered very wasteful to send lots of image data downstream, when ultimately only a portion of that image will be visible to the end user. As always, cropping, resizing and optimising your images before putting them into a website is best practice. There are free tools like DropFix which can quickly bulk-resize the largest side of your images and existing software like Photoshop (and many others) that you can use for cropping images exactly how you want them displayed online.

WeaverPix is brilliant for quickly generating a responsive grid of thumbnail images and having those images open within a lightbox. There are a couple of stock themes supplied with WeaverPix that will do this and addon themes like UltimateGallery and PhotoBox that will do something similar.

If you want a purely stack-based approach, then there are several options open to you. I think just about every stack developer has at least one lightbox or modal effect available. The one I provide is TopBox, and this has support for opening an image gallery from a single thumbnail image and previous / next navigation controls in the same place, regardless of the image size or shape.


Thanks for the reply.

Your TopBox option looks great.

One quick question - (and I may have missed this when looking at your site) - am I able to set up a thumbnail gallery with TopBox?



There’s a free demo version of TopBox you can download and install, if you want to try this before committing to a purchase.

Each time you add a TopBox stack to your page, you basically have two placeholders; a trigger region and a content region. The trigger region is the thumbnail image, link or button a person clicks to reveal the lightbox. The content region contains the lightbox content, like the full size image.

You could either add a TopBox stack for each thumbnail / large image combination you want to display. Alternatively you could setup a single thumbnail / large image combination, but add additional TopBox stacks that are chained together with next / previous buttons providing access to additional images in the gallery set.

If you want a more automated system whereby you add a group of images to a page and automatically get thumbnail images and a lightbox, then WeaverPix would probably be a better choice. I guess it depends on how many lightboxes you envisage having and the degree to which you want to customise them. Code in TopBox was also used in the UltimateGallery WeaverPix theme.