Total CMS bug viewing image gallery images in blog posts

I think I found a bug in Total CMS.

All works well with the blog and I have set it up so when one views a blog post the associated images are viewed below the blog text. I have used the “post gallery”, inserted on the blog post page via the “+” sign at the bottom of the “blog post” stack. All the images are displayed correctly and with the correct post text.

But, when you click on the images, the lightbox/slider that comes up for seeing all the post images shows it’s large images to the extreme left on the screen, cutting the image itself in half, as well as the thumbnails below.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Tagging @joeworkman in the event that it is a bug. You’ll almost certainly need a URL (or some reproducible steps) for anyone to help though.

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Can you share a url? I use this type of set up all the time without that issue.

I’ll have a look, but in the meantime, make sure your blog image gallery child stack is still inside the blog post stack and didn’t get dragged outside.

Thank you very much.

For your consideration I have attached three collated screenshots of the page as built in Rapidweaver. They are taken from the top and then I scroll down for each screenshot, so the entire page can be seen and the location of the post gallery should be clear.

I have tried removing both the margins stack from the entire blog post stack as well as only the nested margin stack encapsulating the post gallery and the error is still there.

That is, the error persist when no margins stack is used at all as well as only encapsulating the blogpost. It also persists across Firefox and Safari (both updated). Everything else works as expected in Total CMS.

Den 24. marts 2019 kl. 12.47.57, Asbjørn Lund ( skrev:

Something is not playing nice with the gallery.

I would do this
Remove the links stack and see if that fixes it
If it does, then find another divider
If it doesn’t, put it back and remove margins…

One at a time, no arrow down the conflict, I suspect lines

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I have no idea what is causing it but here is some CSS (add this to the page css area and see if it fixes it.)

.visible-img img {

(You may need to ad !important after auto)

When @joeworkman gets back from his confrence he will get to the bottom of it.

Try this one.
Works in the browser.

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