Total cms page headers

I have created a Gallery using Total CMS

My page header for this is GALLERY …but can anyone think of a way I could add a page header or Sub header once I have made a search within the Gallery? For example if I seach for an event (from tab or catagory in sidebar (magnify icon ) could I have a page header for that event?
Link Here

You might be able to use a category or tag macro for that, though I don’t know if there would be any potentially odd behaviour (i.e. how it deals with hyphens that should be spaces, etc).

If no one answers here, It might be worth asking over on the Weavers Space forum as there are some TCMS pros that aren’t as active here.

Thanks so much.
Yes Im scared of messing it up. Goes live tomorrow and they just asked this question today.

What about using The Agent stack in order to look at the category passed to the URL and display a different header?

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Woah THANKS Joe ! I’ll try that out. Looks like a magic answer.

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