Total CMS permalink (?) issue

Hi all
I’m turning around an issue which shouldn’t be one.
I have built up a blog page as per the Ben’s video tutorial. Everything was fine, until I changed at the end the name of my main blog page. I guess if this had an impact on the permalink. All the CMS IDs were correct.
So, at the end, I erased all the site folders (via Cyberduck), in the RW set the CMS pages to “draft” in order not to publish them and started again from the scratch. Unfortunately, the issue is the same even for the very first post (as per the second Ben’s video) - the permalink is first green and when I press the “save” button, the input boxes are red and nothing is published.
Here is my link :

Can you help?
Thank you

Just to complete my post - after running the debug stack, I’m getting this

Total CMS Passport Check: {“status”:false,“info”:“Domain trial period expired”,“trial”:false}
However, I’ve purchase the licence

Sorry for bothering you, I have found the answer - actually I had to register ! :pensive:

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