Total CMS Slide show

(Graham Smith) #1

What stacks do need to use in admin and the target page to make a slideshow work as there is no admin slideshow oe r else its disappeared

(Joe Workman) #2

The slideshow uses a gallery.

(Graham Smith) #3

Many thanks Jo that’s working fine.
Using a columnist stack what code would be used to edit the header title and the text within the stack and where would I put the code I have tried using %cmsDataHeader(cmsid)% in the admin,
would the columnist stack also be put in the content page,
Once I have mastered this side amending third party stacks hopefully I will be ok

(Joe Workman) #4

This is not a valid macro. Did you intend to use… %cmsData(header)% or %cmsText(header)%

(Graham Smith) #5


Many thanks Jo I am just trying to edit columnist stack but unsure how to go about it I’ve been going through all the info I can find , but my head has become so weary I thought give up and ask the expert

(scott williams) #6

Okay, a quick overview.

On the admin page (this is where you add content) you add an admin text stack, set to hipwig, markdown, or plain text depending on what editor you want. Each one of these admin stacks will have a unique CMSid.

On the public page you can use a Tcms text stack(set to match the admin editor you chose) or almost any other content stack (like columnist). If you use the Tcms text stack, set the cmsID in the stack UI, if using another content stack, use a Tcms Macro. %cmsText(yourCMSid)%, %cmsTextFormatted(yourCMSid)%, %cmsData(yourCMSid)%. Note, there are tons of macros for different types of content.