Total CMS for Personal Use

Brand new to the world of CMS. And, brand new to Total CMS and still fine tuning my understanding of how this product functions.

Please help me better understand. My understanding now is that TCMS basically creates content within its own ecosystem via the TCMS stacks and the inter-connectivity their tools provide. Fair statement?

If so, at this point I am the end user and not building a for someone else or a client.

Regarding content posts… Where Is content intended be made and posted?

Admin page? … Or, Admin > New Post page?

Thanks in advance…

If you’re building a website for yourself and you have a copy of Rapidweaver, there’s no need for any kind of CMS - unless it’s important for you to be able to update parts of the site from a web browser or a phone - because you can update all the content from within Rapidweaver.

If you do need to be able to edit the content from a web browser or mobile device, then a CMS is the way to go. The way that Total CMS works is that it allows you to define which parts of the site you want to make editable - for example text on various pages, a picture slider, news feed or a blog - and then lets you position empty placeholder stacks where that content goes. At the same time, each of these empty stacks is linked to a CMS stack which is where you add the content - by logging into an Admin page using your web browser.

Joe Workman has plenty of videos on how Total CMS works - take a look at his YouTube channel and maybe start here.

There are also other CMSs available for Rapidweaver - check the Community site.

Hope this helps a bit.


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Thank for reply @robbeattie… I’ve watched multiple videos multiple times…

My intent here is asking a very specific question for understanding…

Perhaps you know the answer? I don’t feel the videos address my question from a personal use perspective.



It’s probably easiest to think of it like this. The content is created in a web browser and then saved on the web server. It then appears on the published site the next time the page is refreshed.

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Thanks again @robbeattie … The above I get.

Admin Side + Admin Post Template… Then… Content Side + Blog Post Template.

Which is the main location to create/post content?

My Assumption is Admin > New Post… But, I’m guessing at that answer…

Thanks again…

You can set the Admin up in a few ways. The traditional way would be as you say - Have An Admin page with your blog list, then a link to create a new post on a seperate page. If you check out this project from Hipster Weaver, he has a really unique Admin: (password: TOURIST)

As a contrast, here he has a setup with seperate pages for Adding a new post or editing an existing one.

@jabostick thank you so much! I will definitively check that out…

Please allow me ask take my question a step further because I could never get any of the TCMS demo files to work on my end… so I’ve been basically guessing at set-up and functionality for over a week.

TCMS requires “linkage” from Admin to Content on all subpages, correct?

If so, on the main Admin page it is REQUIRED to have a separate Admin stack on the Admin page for all other subpages?

Case in point, the site I’m working on lists all 41 cities in a county.

Do I need 41 Admin Stacks on the Admin page as linkage to all 41 subpages for cities?

Again, thanks for taking time to help… Going to the the link you gave now…

Potentially. It’s tough to say without knowing your exact setup.

However, some people use the TCMS blog with sets of predetermined tags or categories for all their blog posts. In your case (potentially), you’d have 1 Admin stack (with one Blog CMS ID), and then for each post, you’d declare one of 41 tags/categories (i.e. cities).

Then, on each of your 41 city sub-pages you’d have a blog list that is filtered to only show posts with Exampleville tags on the Exampleville Page and only Sampletown posts on the Sampletown page.

Not sure if that makes sense.

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Yes. You create content on the admin side but you keep mentioning posts. If
all you want to do is write blog posts then you can do that from
Rapidweaver - no need for anything else.


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@jabostick your reply above clears up my understanding. Thank you so much!

You are correct there won’t be 41 Admins… LOL

My uncertainty for Admin Core is/was related to “Content” linkage rather than actual “Administrators” that create/access content creation. Again, I’m new to all of this so I’m slowly wrapping my mind around functionality.

Thanks, again…

@robbeattie to be clear on your response are you saying there is a way to essentially filter Blog content to subpages without using a CMS?

I did a quick Zoom call with Rico today. I think that we got all of his questions ironed out.

Yes, we did. Thanks Joe!