Adding content to my cms web site, it has stopped adding

I have managed to get my home page to fade into my website, but I am having no joy in adding any more content, beneath a feed! aah when I wrote this Thought is that the reason because it is below a feed so I tried it under an impact slider and hey ho it appeared. However I don’t want it there what is the stack that I should use to enable me to position the text where I want Target puts it there as a pencil wide strip which I am unable to edit, there must be a way

I’m still working on the other pages which have little or no content yet, but I am stumped as to why what I link to on my admin page isn’t happening on the home page.
all the CMS id is being copied but completely zilch is appearing

Looks like you’re using Foundation, so maybe also TotalCMS? Anyway, I suspect this is one for @joeworkman


Many Thanks for your reply Ive just gone to the page again, and it has turned up, very weird.
But you are right on both counts foundation and CMS.
Okay just took another look at my home page went to admin and added the text, well part of it and it is putting the text around the slideshow at the bottom the page.
so is there a way of putting the text where I want it on the left of the slideshow, many thanks in advance

You set your Impact stack to be float + 450px. That is what floats do. Make it full width.

Wow Joe that was quick Thanks

Hi Joe just checked all the stacks all are set to fill, the text stack was inside Target and that was set relevant to parent. Iv’e just put a circular image stack at the bottom and that works but the text stack taken out of target doesn’t

Sorry Joe you were right ,but I put it to fill and the text is still not there, what setting should I use for target as that seems to be the only way of putting the text box in place

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