Total CMS Text & Toggles not updating

Hey folks, I’m working with a CMS issue that just popped up last week. Working on the back end of CMS entry for a client and all was well. Came back to it a few days later and none of the CMS text or CMS toggles will update. Went as far as deleting the content on the web server and republishing the site. Still not getting any different results. Any ideas?

A link would help. Also, did you send in a ticket to support(at)joeworkman(dot)net?

Hey folks.

So… I started development of this website prior to the client resolving the domain and hosting. My Total CMS was registered under our business domain. We have been using the subdomain link up until now to test the functionality. Keep in mind, Total CMS license is only good for ONE domain per license. Duh! It just hit me sitting at dinner tonight. All is well. All is working.

Check out what we are building at DiscoverPortSusan Using Joe’s Total CMS, we were able to create a very graphical site that will allow the client to edit information but not mess up the interface. The project has lined up a number of interested parties about using this method of site development. It’s great to be a Rapid Weaver user!