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As you know, I am working on Total CMS 2. Its been a long and very large project. I really wanted to get it out this year. However, Foundation 6 took off and I have spent more time than I expected. I was going to jump right back into Total CMS 2 but being deep in the F6 building for 6 months made me need a small break from diving into a large project again. Since I am delaying Total CMS 2, I thought it would be nice to bring some of its features back into v1. I know that a lot of you want more fields to abuse in blog. Therefore, I decided to bring you the additions that I planned on adding to Blog 2 right now. I hope that you enjoy them!

  • There are 6 new fields for blog!
    • Archived: This field behaves just like the existing Draft and Featured fields.
    • Genre: This field behaves just like the existing Author field.
    • Labels: This field behaves like the existing tag and category fields.
    • Media: This field behaves like the existing summary field.
    • Image: This will allow us to have an individual image assigned too each post. This will allow us to stop relying on making images featured or the order of images in a gallery.
    • Extra Content 2: This field behaves like the existing Extra Content field.
  • There are a bunch of new stacks to support the new blog fields.
  • Blog Post Layout Rule stack got several new conditions for draft, featured, archived, labels and genre.
  • Blog Filter Links and Foundation 6 Menu stack has a bunch of new options in order too support the new blog fields and all possible combinations with submenus.
  • Fixed the radius setting in the Toggle stack
  • Fixed many misc PHP errors and warnings
  • Every post in the blog list will now have classes for each of the following fields associated with it. This is very powerful for Foundation 6 users to allow you to style posts within your blog posts with specific tag, category, label, genre, author, draft, archive, and featured attribute.
  • You can now set the HTML element for the blog list title and author fields
  • If you add any unsupported fields into a blog form, they will be removed in order to prevent any confusion.
  • Table support has been added to all markdown areas. You can see the syntax and other feature from the MarkdownExtra Library
  • When editing a blog post, all images will be automatically uploaded. You no longer have to save the form.
  • When in a blog form, cmd+s will always save the form regardless of the edit state.
  • New Blog List Macro Hints stack
  • New macros for the new blog fields. See the Blog Macros stacck for details
  • ARIA labels have been addedd to all links inside of the Blog List. You can set the default prefix for the label inside of the Blog List stack.
  • Support for new Blog Image added to the Total CMS Impact Integration stack

I have updated from an earlier version of Total CMS, and republished complete site. If I create a new post all is fine, but if I try to edit an existing post created with the earlier version nothing appears to be saved. It looks like the CMS now saves each post in its own folder.
Is there a way to update existing posts to add new fields and display them?

Can you elaborate on what fields you are adding so that I can try to replicate this? I did tests on existing blogs and it was working for me. I have been able to replicate issues with editing an Image. I will get that fixed in an update.

Hi Joe,

I think it may be just the image field that causes the issue i.e. if an image is added to the post nothing is saved. If no image is added the other fields save ok.

Hi Joe,

Latest update seems to have solved the issue of image not saving, but the 'redirect after edit, function no longer seems to work, so there is no feedback as to when the post has been saved.

thanks. I will add it to my list.

Dear Joe,

Congratulations. I’m late to the party but we’ve traded comments over this on Weaverspace. This is a super exciting update. Total CMS has allowed me to really build some incredibly powerful websites - and the ability to add more blog fields is a master stroke. I can’t wait to take this new version out for a test drive.

A quick question about images; when building CMS for clients, the one thing they consistently struggle with is maintaining maintaining elegant design because often they’ll use imagery pulled from the web that comes in a variety of dimensions.

For now, I’ve gotten around this a couple of ways:

  1. In blog post, by using the jack stack with fixed dimensions, the background of which is a warehoused image uploaded via the blog form stacks.

  2. For the blog feed, by dropping an image cropping tool into the back end via an iframe, with instructions on how to use it.

It would be great to have more power in setting specific image dimensions other than simply square or native, that cropped - rather than squeezed - the images so that they are always a consistent size when displayed. Any word on this?

Sorry if you’ve already covered this and keep up the good work.

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tagging @joeworkman

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This has already been addressed and code done in Total CMS 2 :slight_smile:

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