Total CRM - Can it do this?


Can total crm do this?

I want to create a site where people can create their own page on my website as a member.
For example, pay a registration fee, which then automatically creates a page for them (from a template) which they can then edit the images and text only.

I.e. Pay a fee - automatically create page - automatically gain access to edit page (automated email) - view page - share page.

Is there anything within rapidweaver that can do that? Total CRM looks great, but it seems I would need to create the website for the client and then give them access - which Id like to automate.

Would love to hear your thoughts.


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Total CMS can not do that. I am not sure of any CMS out there that can.

A solution like this has been in my radar for a while now.

Are you imagining each page having its own domain name or would it suffice to have a unique URL tail?

Thanks Zeebe and Brandon.

A unique URL would suffice. Is this something you are looking at creating Brandon?

Well I’ve been considering how to best go about duplicating a RW project template which uses Easy CMS or Total CMS on the server.

The idea would be that I could duplicate a directory and then build out the new site from there using the CMS.

I have done some research and taken notes on the php that would likely create the solution.

I will be having a go at this soon. However, I may also see if there is a way of achieving the end goal while simply using a Total CMS Blog and some custom script.

It’s certainly something I would like to see offered to the market if not by me then by another developer.