Retiring -- need advise for transfer sites to client

I’ve created many RW sites for clients. There are 2 outstanding sites (built many years ago) that will need attention due to me retiring. Either clients are not interested in learning RW. They are managed by me and one had limited CMS with the now defunct Pagelime.

Is there a way to convert the sites to a total CMS? If not, can I convert these old sites to a more robust CMS stack? Failing that, I guess I would need to introduce a new manager to make the odd updates when needed.

Following are the sites…

You would have to rebuild the using something like TotalCms, foundry or one of the other CMS systems

How much content do they need to edit?

TotalCMS is great if they need a blog and a few other advanced features but if they don’t EasyCMS would probably be a better fit. Would need to build admin pages for either solution.

For simple in-page edits of text or photo also look at Sentry. There is also Pulse but it might be a bit expensive for only 2 sites.

Cost wise TotalCMS and Pulse are per site, Sentry and EasyCMS are a one time purchase.

Pulse is not paid per Site as of my knowledge.

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Ah yes sorry, it used to be but Pulse5 is now $297 for however many sites you need to use it on.


Thanks all. That pretty much confirms my thoughts. This forum is superb. I should have taken advantage of this knowledge resource years earlier.

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I’m also sure there would be plenty of people here that would take on your client…

Thanks dan, I’ll pass that option to my clients.

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