Transferring my website to a new laptop

Hi All,

I’ve just transferred my RW8 to a new site and had a problem because it could locate some of the photo/images. So I (laboriously) transported all the source documents back on to me new laptop, reconnected the resources and replaced any images that hadn’t transferred over. Then I successfully republished the site. But now I look again and all of the work that I’d done has disappeared and not been retained.

Can anyone offer any advice about this?


You could check this:

The ressources are then part of the project file and should not disappear again. Do this on your old Mac first, then copy the project to your new Mac.

Thanks Jan, much appreciated. I think, at the stage I’m at, rthe best thing may be to put all the missing resources back in to place on the new Mac. If I then secure it by checking copy into tbe document, should it stay in place? And where do I find that check button? Mark

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Hi, in the advanced settings:

Don’t seem to have that option, Jan. Or can’t find it. But will keep looking. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

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What version of RapidWeaver are you using?

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Hi Doug. 8.6.2

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That option should be there. Look under “advanced” on the left side under your pages.

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Ah yeah, found it! Thanks Doug. Big help.


Hi Jan,

Sadly, it has happened again. The most recent respureces were thre for a few days and now they have removed themselves again. So frustrating.


Not you could talk to @dan and @tpbradley and take it up with RealMac support.

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