Transition from Rapidblog to Blogspot.stack

(Dominic Larivière) #1

A solid alternative for Rapidblog users.

I would like to thank Marc Vos who has developed Blogspot stack to replace Rapidblog. His support has been remarkable and very fast to help me make the transition. Everything works better and is easier in a stack page!

Dominic L.

(Dave Farrants) #2

+1 on that, downloaded it yesterday and put it on a clients site - works a treat.

(Rob Beattie) #3

I’m going to look into this. It’s come too late for someone I know but may help others.


(David Freels) #4

It’s excellent, as is the developer, Marc Vos.

(Robert Thompson) #5

I want to add my appreciation for Marc Vos and the Blogspot stack as well. I am new to web design, just put together my first personal website. I have used Blogspot for a long time, but couldn’t find a stack to bring my blog into my website. I tried some WordPress stacks, but they all had limitations.

The Blogspot stack worked great right from the beginning. I did have one minor glitch, contacted Marc, and he responded within a couple hours, not just to say “thanks, we’ll get back to you,” but to say “here is what I found here is the solution.” So, thumbs up on customer service as well!

Unlike the WordPress stacks, Marc’s stack includes tools for integrating tags and archives, etc., into the existing sidebar, so it was consistent with the rest of my website.

Thanks Marc!


(system) #6

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