RapidBlog Alternatives? Blog Stack Suggestions

(Dylan Merte) #1

Recently I discovered that RapidBlog is now not compatible with the latest version of Mac OS High Sierra, so that let me to needing to start looking into alternative solutions that are similar to it.

So what’s the Best RapidBlog Stack alternative that is similar to the plugin where it can connect to the blogger service?

One Stack that I found so far that looks similar to it is Armadillo CMS, although it looks fairly similar to RapidBlog it looks like it does not have the ability to Connect to the blogger service or import posts at this time.

So does anyone know of a good Stack that can connect to the blogger service, or is just a good Blog Stack but that does not work off a subscription/per license basis?

(NeilUK) #2

There’s a similar forum post related to Blogger here.

The solution that user found was to embed to Blogger blog into RW somehow, but I’m not sure how that was done.

There’s currently no solution for auto import of Blogger posts into RW, but I use both TotalCMS and Armadillo and highly recommend them both.

(system) #3

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