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I created the following site back in 2012 with the then Log Hound “Rapidblog” plugin in RW5. I’m now trying to upgrade our site project to RW8 and having problems getting the plugin to work. I have sent a request to Yourhead to see whether there is a later version of the plugin than the 2.04 which I have but seeing as it is the weekend I guess it is going to take some time to get a reply. I am now using Eblogger to create blog entries and lots of Vimeo links (which I’m told is slowing down the loading of the blog page itself). Can anybody suggest another plug (recent and a reliable company that is likely to be around for quite some time to come? Also, what other ways are you using to show short video clips besides Vimeo?

Thanking you,

Hi Sabina,
There is a stacks that I use and works very well as a replacement. Blogspot.stack

Thank you Dominic for this lead. Exactly what I’m looking for and I guess I’m not the only one. Can you possibly tell me how long you keep you blogger entries for? I have some dating back to 2012 and wondering whether that could slow down my loading of site. Also, how do you bring in video clips? I currently had a Vimeo Plus account which I rely upon heavily. Is there a better way of linking these clips to eblogger by any chance?

Many thanks once again. Much appreciated.
Sabina (currently uploaded site but in transition)

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