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Hi Everyone

I have a meeting with a potential client tomorrow. He is a travel agent and is looking to create a website for his new personal endeavor. I have seen some WP plugins to help create a somewhat generic travel planning site, but I am wondering if anything is available for RW?

Like always, I try to avoid WP when possible. So if I want to avoid WP I have two choices.

  1. Find a Travel Planning Plugin or a 3rd party service that I can embed into a RW project.

  2. Talk the client out of using a trip and flight search function on his website. I actually think this is the best option, especially with his budget. I think he should focus on selling himself and his personal vacation planning services.

If anyone out there has built anything for a travel agency I would love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance.

If you think of some basic info like here:

Then you can use the quite powerful Siphon stack from one little designer to do so:


This project seems to be on hold. The potential client has come to realize there is a lot more involved in selling travel packages online than he thought. Just wanted to share the info in case anyone else out there is asked to build a tyravel website on a small budget. To do it right, you have to pay to play.

This is interesting. I have a client who has the same needs and I was thinking Siphon would be perfect. Perhaps using Siphon to narrow down choices and get the user to provide more information in an animated/interactive way.

Did you ever follow up on this project?

The client decided to do his own research and talk to some other agents, and put the project on the back burner. If you want to have an automated solution where you will get paid to sell travel packages with airline tickets you can’t really do it yourself. You need to hook into an existing network where you can offer packages created by hotels, resorts, tour operators, cruise lines, and more.

The only way you can do on on the cheap is to create a site where the client can create packages and offer them online, but the actual sale would be done on the phone. In essence the website is just a glorified travel brochure / lead generator.

You can find WordPress websites with plugins that will allow you to build sites like this, but they are not tied to any actual booking database.

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