Trial User of RW 7

I have been a user of RW 5 and have never been totally satisfied. Seeing some of the features of RW 7 I thought I would give it a try. Down-loaded a trial version and find that I can setup a project, but cannot select a theme. Do I have to buy the product to try it? Any help will be appreciated as I really want to use RW 7 based on what I see.

In order to select a theme, your project needs to have at least one page. It can be any type of page (styled text, blog, stacks).

RW7 has several built in themes, including several nice ones from RW6. You should then be able to select a theme and get going!

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Thanks Chet. Sometimes the obvious isn’t so obvious to the novice! It’s been a couple years since I built our existing web page on RW 5 and so I am relearning all over. Along that same vein, when I clicked on “+ Add” the choices did not include one for adding a page. When I went to the RW menu bar under file I found “add page.” Interestingly that took me back to the same choices I had when clicking on “+ Add.” I finally realized that the page was there all the time, I didn’t need to add it, I needed to add to it! . I feel like Winnie the Pooh!

Since I have not been able to import my RW 5 web pages, I am starting at the very begining. I trust that the new features of RW 7 will enable me to do what I could not do with RW 5.

Thanks for your help

My pleasure! I’ve been in the same place, too! Just wanted to be sure that my response didn’t come off as condescending! :wink: