Tricky e-commerce setup - suggestions please

Hi all,

I’m doing an online flooring site in Australia and need some help please.

We will be selling over flooring 200 sku’s and have seen a UK site that does it extremely well and I’d like to replicate the e-commerce and cart setup they have used…which is excellent.

Link to a product below.

The righthand side has the cart and it’s possible to enter the room m2 size and that auto enters into the cart with the number of packs required and an amount total, so very easy to use and make a purchase.

I’m not sure what e-commerce and cart they are using and I’m wondering if any RW plugins or stacks will be able to do the job. I have RapidCart Pro and Yuzool Cart3 but don’t think they will be enough of a solution.

I think Joe Workmans, Pi will do the calculation on area but not sure how to get that figure auto enter into another cart field.

Any thoughts on how to achieve the e-commerce and cart side would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Scott

I could be wrong but I’ve got a funny feeling that @willwood built a custom stack a while back that had similar functionality. If that’s the case, he may be willing to adapt it to your requirements?

CalcStack can calculate floor areas, using sliders or input boxes. The resulting answer can be passed onto another webpage via a query string. So that’s about half the puzzle nicely solved.

Being able to read that query string and write it automatically into a shopping cart is a bit more tricky. It is possible (CalcStack provides some sample code on the product page). If the preferred shopping cart can be setup to read the query string value (and have a suitable fall-back if none is found), that would certainly make things easier.

As @robbeattie says, I’ve made custom calculator stacks many times before. And I know @barchard has had me in on some complex calculation / ordering systems he’s custom developed for clients in the past.

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Hi Will,

Thanks, CalcStack looks good. Just tried the demo, quick question please.

Is it possible to set the range step below 1, such as 0.5 seems like I can only make 1 as lowest step?

I am particularly looking for area calcs for room sizes and want customers to be able input say 2.5m x 2.75m

Cheers Scott

Hi Will,

I’m testing the stack a bit more and having issues getting a correct answer.

I’m wanting to setup a calc that will work out the room size in m2 and then the number of packs of laminate wood planks required for that area. Each pack has 7.52m2 of planks.

The first calc to work out area is straight forward and works fine, second calc takes that answer and I’m dividing by a set amount of 7.52 to calculate the number of packs required.

Generally it is ok, except it rounds down rather than rounding up.

So for a room size of 3m x 3m = 9m2 it gives answer of 1 pack whereas in fact 2 packs will be required.

See screenshot of demo.

Any ideas please?

Cheers Scott

If the stack can’t round up, then just add .999 to calculation 2 and let it round down.

Hi Don,

Thanks, ok just tried that and doesn’t really work, as adding 0.999 will give too many packs in some calculation situations.

Really need the CalcStack to be able to round up.

The Range Steps settings can be adjusted if you need to return decimals. And the answer can be outputted to any length of decimals you want.

Like all my stacks, there is a free demo version available to download and try.

Hi Will,

Thanks, yes I’m testing the demo…thanks for making that available for us, greatly appreciated.

I can get the answer as decimals no worries but with the 2nd calc I want the answer to round up to full number.

So for example.
A room size of 3m x 3m = 9m2 it gives answer of 1 pack whereas in fact 2 packs will be required as each pack covers 7.52m2

Can the stack round up an answer?

You will have to email me a zipped example of what you have working so far.

The short answer is that there are various ways of rounding numbers up and down, either mathematically or with Javascript functions like Math.ceil()

Hi Will,

Thanks have emailed the RW zip file to the email address I have for you.

Cheers Scott

If it doesn’t always round down, and actually rounds to the nearest number, then add .499 to it instead of .999. I thought you said it always rounded down. In thinking more about it, it’s probably just rounding. .499 should work.

@scottjf Thanks, I have replied with a solution I think should hopefully work well for you. It seemed to be holding up fine to my own tests.

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