Need a Stripe Cart

I need suggestions for a Stripe Cart stack, something similar to Yuzool’s Cart which I have and use with PayPal.

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Did you check out Yuzool’s other offerings? They have a couple of Stripe stacks (Checkout is probably the one that’s most like Cart). I haven’t used Cart yet, so I can’t compare exactly but Checkout is easy to use (and is on sale right now).

I did look at Yuzool’s Pay Form and Stripe Checkout. I do think Stripe Checkout is closer to what I need. Can it be set to do more than one quantity? It’s so ironic that I need Cart to do one off items, and it does not do that easily, and I need Stripe Checkout to do multiples, and it does not appear to do that easily!

Ah, I’m not sure if it can do multiple quantities. It doesn’t look like it from the settings I have on the one site I use it on.

RapidCart Pro allows you to use Stripe but it’s a little more involved than the Checkout / Cart setups…

Thanks @jabostick for the shout outs there!

@bruce - Cart Stack can now have quantity fixed at 1 as of version 1.8.5, released today:

Yes Stripe Checkout doesn’t have quantities at the moment, it’s only for selling items one at a time. That said, we have something for that coming shortly too but can’t say anymore on that at the moment :wink:


This is great news. Thanks much!

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Cart 2 is now a “Stripe Cart Stack” and comes with Stripe built-in :slight_smile:

Demo here:


Michael, will there be an upgrade price from Cart? Thanks


I just looked at this and wondering… it seems you can’t have multiple images for different colors? Also, that drop down choice is a little clunky. Can it be changed to look more standard for less savvy computer users who won’t know that is a drop down?

Also-How do you get to a detailed page? I don’t see any of your demos clicking to a detail page.

Will work perfectly with Poster Stack, you know how to use that one :wink:


ok, so I can fully customize using poster with cart 2? Is there a download demo file? thx

Thanks @LSPhoto

  1. Here’s an example page of detailed product:

They are buttons so you can layout / design your page however you want :slight_smile:

  1. The drop-down is styled from the theme. This is using Split theme so that is the drop down for the forms. Another theme will have another look that matches that theme (automatically)

  2. You could do multiple images with a Stack that lets you do that on a detailed page. A slider stack or carousel stack for example. Just add the Cart 2 button below that Stack!

  3. Yes - awesomeness with Poster Stack is possible!! :slight_smile: It will be the same as the Cart 1 demo

Thanks @bruce - email went out about that last week and going out today again as reminder :wink: Let me know if you don’t get anything (DM me)

Cheers everyone!

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Jannis-What I am asking to see is how you get to that detailed page from the page that has multiple products on the page. I don’t see that example anywhere. I see either/or. Can I build a poster stack page that has multiple products on it, then each product links to the detail page? I’m using Foundation.

Yes that is possible.


@LSPhoto Just to add some examples to unsticks reply. Poster is just perfect or creating product layouts.

Here are 2 examples using Poster to present Products that link to the Product details which contain a Buy button, when clicked on. One of the coolest things about Poster is that it can create a last added, first displayed item, which is just what happens in a blog. This makes creating a scalable product list easier and puts the last added product at the top or first position. The flexibility of Poster however, allows you to put the next item anywhere.

The first example uses Poster in the Light mode and links to normal RW pages for each product.
Poster Light product example page

The Second example uses Poster in normal mode (i.e. not in Light mode) and Poster “pages” are used for each product which also allows easy Next / Previous navigation.
Poster product example page


Gary: In the Poster Light example what are you using to create the direct links. As far as I can tell this is not possible in Poster Light per se. There are a small number of “linking” stacks and I assume you are using one of them: but I may be wrong.

@LSPhoto: I second what Gary is writing re: Poster. Outstanding stack with lots of flexibility.


@Mathew - I am using BWD BlueprintOne to hold all the content and also has a Link function. BlueprintOne in this role, is effectively the Foundry Container, Margin, Backdrop, Hover and the S4S Linker in 1 convenient stack.

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@webdeer Got it. Very nice.

Thanks. I already have and use Poster, I just don’t understand yet how it works with the Cart. I’m out of town and will have to take a look at it when I get back.

Soon (1.8) inbuilt into Poster Light Item directly :wink: