Tumblr Stack by Joe Workman: RW publisher settings

Has anyone set up the Tumblr Stack by Joe Workman using a custom domain for Tumblr? I am not getting the RW publishing settings to connect on the Test Connection. I did get my domain host set up to point to Tumblr correctly and tested that OK in Tumblr. Tumblr says you have to wait 72 hours for your blog to actually work with the custom domain but they do show a holding page prior to that.

My page is .php, protocol FTP, server #, per Tumblr instructions. I put in my Tumblr username and password, but then “path” – that’s the stickler. Right now, I just have a forward slash in there, as I do on my other domains. Somebody knows how to do that, I’ll bet.

Also, not sure if I am setting the “Tumblr Domain” correctly in the Tumblr stack. The Joe Workman instructions say: “Tumblr Domain: (input) Your Tumlbr ID that is displayed in the URL of your Tumblr Blog Default: tumblrstack.tumblr.com”. But I am using a custom domain so that just shows as “name-of-domain.com” as my Tumblr URL. Does that go in there or what?