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Before purchasing, I am unclear from the online documentation whether you set up content on Tumblr , which then translates to Rapidweaver, or the opposite…you create the content in Rapidweaver, and it translates to Tumblr.

In other words, which comes first…the chicken or the egg?

You post onto Tumblr and it shows up on your RapidWeaver site. The blog on my site uses Tumblr.

My Blog:

Here’s the Tumblr stack in action:
I set up a free Tumblr account and then pointed the stack at it and using the stack settings styled it to match the look of the site.
I gave my client instructions on how to setup/login to tumblr from his desktop, iPhone etc and he’s happily making posts.
You don’t need to do anything with regard to theming your blog within tumblr as the stack only displays the content of the blog, not the look.

Thank you, Joe and Paul, for your response.

I am a little wiser now.

On second thought, maybe I am not a little wiser. Having purchased and installed the Tumblr stack, nothing at all is showing up on my website blog page except for the graphic at the top of the page. But no blog material.

I have set up the page as a php.

I have pointed the stack at

The blog is at, but there is no content there.

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve just looked at my setup(s) and other than the ‘/’ in front of your folder name they are identical.
You will not see the blog until you publish the page as it requires the php functionality of your server, even previewing it in a browser wont work…downside of php I’m afraid.
I went to your tumblr blog ( and was able to view it without a problem so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work.
Joe’s site says you need php 5.2 or greater on the server, If you look in the cPanel for your site or ask your host provider you’ll be able to find the version you have.

Let us know how you get on.

I am getting a 404 for the /blog folder. Are you sure that the contents has been published properly to your server?

I see that the blog page is still out if action as Joe pointed out, in one of your screenshots above you have the folder to the blog page set as ‘/blog’, try removing the backslash so that it reads ‘blog’ and then republish the site.

So I actually did get the blog page to show up, courtesy of Zeebe’s recommendation to another correspondent. That was the good news.

The bad news was that it looked horrible. And I blew it away, which explains the 404.

The Foundation theme and stacks offer a marvelous degree of design control. The Tumblr stack, apparently a little long in the tooth now (forgive me), does not. It would be my fondest desire (one of them anyway) to see a blog stack with the same level of sophistication as the current Stacks 3 crop. I know that I am not alone in this regard.

Also on my wish list, and this is probably more for Isaiah than Joe, would be the ability to custom label stacks on any given page. It doesn’t take long, especially using the “hide” function, for the page to become totally inscrutable. And if you need to change just one little thing, it becomes very crazy making. This is especially true with regard to the Visibility stacks.

Of course, if you don’t use the “hide” function, it is another kind of crazy making.

In any case, thank you Zeebe, Joe and Paul for your feedback. I very much appreciate it.

I don’t love the default settings on the Tumblr stack, but it’s still the best out there, in my opinion, for getting a blog on a Stacks page; at least until @joeworkman releases his “blog” update to the Total CMS package.

Maybe give it another try with the Tumblr stack @Butternut, but play with the padding and margins; maybe remove the bottom bar colour and share links (unless you really want them). Elsewhere in the forums is some CSS code to remove the big round post-type icons (selecting the “Custom Icons” checkbox also made them disappear for me.) But I like a really clean, sparse look on my blogs.

I also noticed you checked the “Pretty URLs” option. I’ve used that before, but it required some special code in my .htaccess file that took me several tries to get right.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck!

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