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Hi folks,

I am wanting to display our Twitter feed and our Facebook feed on the webpages of a new site I am creating. I have looked back at previous topics and I think that procedures for doing this change regularly. Please could someone tell me how to do this using RW8? My idea is to have it either just one page - or I might create a partial and have it on a few pages in the site.

Thanking you in advance for your help,

Like this

Hi Guy,

Yes indeed. I have found out how to do the Twitter feed but I can only get facebook to let me post a specific post. Can you let me know the code for getting it to display a feed please? Or better still maybe the past 3 posts on facebook and twitter?

Thank you,

Hi Sarah

Off the top of my head not being at my computer I used this stack

If you wanted to work with the code you would need to go to (I think) facebooks for developers page.

Thank you Guy. Much appreciated. I’ll look into it.

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