Two new stacks for animations

Dear fellow RapidWeavers,

Today I introduce two stacks that use animation in a flexible way and don’t require heavy scripts that put a burden on the page loading time.

The Morphist stack makes it possible to rotate pieces of content (any content!), one after the other with cool CSS3 animations. Awesome for making sliders, slideshows, carousels, rotating banners, quote rotators and other content you want to rotate.

The Morphext stack is a more simple stack that rotates (inline) text only, but with the same array of animations. Awesome for displaying eye catching texts like testimonies, quotes, etc. The Morphext stack also shines on splash pages (example).

Both stacks share the same 43(!) effects which can all be previewed on their product pages, so that’s the place to be for all the details and inspiration…

Can’t decide which stack is best for you? Don’t worry: when you buy both the Morphist stack and the Morphext stack you will save 25%!

Marathia Web Design