Combination of seams with the swatches

Hi, I need help, how can I combine Seams with the Swatches. I would like to assign a color to the Seams background through the swatches and not manually change the Seams color each time I control the colors on the website with the swatches. Is it possible? I will be happy about any help

What Framework or theme are you using and the version you are using?

I’m using Rapidweaver Classic version 9 and the theme is Foundation 6

just had a look at the seams stack its separate from Foundation 6. Seems it uses SVG files so I am not sure it will work with Swatches in foundation 6. I suggest checking with the developer of seams and see.
For me at first glance it does not seem like it’s going to work the way you’re wanting but I of course could be totally wrong on this one.

@scottsteven is right.

Although Seams ($20, Weaver’s Space) and Foundation 6 ($100, Weaver’s Space) are by the same developer, they’re not integrated.

This means that, although you can use Seams without issue in a Foundation 6 project, you can’t control what Seams should do using Foundation 6’s features (like swatches).


Thank you very much for trying to help.

I probably have to change the colors manually