Typography for "Blocks"

Is their any typographic plug-in that I can use for “Blocks” where I can control character spacing, kerning and leading for type?


@joemart1951 what setting in the stacks plugin allows you to ”control character spacing, kerning and leading for type?”

I’m asking if there is a typographic plugin for “Blocks” not “Stacks"

I’m asking about “Blocks” not “Stacks”!

I believe @joemart1951 was simply urging you to use Stacks instead of Blocks. Blocks is very outdated and due to the way it works cannot be used to produce modern, responsive sites. Even @Isaiah, the Blocks and Stacks developer, would probably point you toward using Stacks for site design instead of Blocks.

My mistake…sorry

@murrayfineart Others have already covered the relevant ground … but Blocks does not have plugins of any sort. … more importantly if you really are using Blocks then you want to plan on migrating to Stacks as soon as possible. Mainly because your Blocks “stuff” won’t hold up forever or even for very long.

In general, even within Stacks, there’s nothing that will do exactly what it seems you want. The web is fundamentially different from print in terms of layout. Perhaps the closest you will come is a stack by Big White Duck. I think the relevant one is called Paragraph Pro. But … it won’t work exactly as you want (nothing will) … it just will get you closer to what you want.

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