Blocks question

Will blocks will ever become responsive? Or is it technically not possibe?

If you used proportionate units of measurement (e.g. %, vw or vh) for everything, then a blocks layout could perhaps be made to scale down on smaller screens. That would go part-way towards a responsive layout.

However that method still would not allow blocks to reflow to fit different screen shapes and sizes; which typically a responsive layout demands.

So if you still wanted to use Blocks, you would be faced with building different webpages for different device sizes. It is feasible (with addons like Mobilize) and is the preferred method of some on this forum. Of note, some competing website development tools (like Wix) still approach responsive design with a system of different webpages for different devices too.

But compared to Stacks, it’s quite a lot of extra work to build multiple webpages for each group of screen sizes. And for this reason alone, that’s why the Stacks plugin has tended to prevail over Blocks, for responsive setups. But for conventional fixed-sized pages, Blocks is still an outstanding plugin.

Many thanks for a great response! The reason why I ask is that I am using Stacks to re-build a website but Im not getting on with it that well-I find it really fiddly some times to do something which I could do in blocks a lot quicker.

We’ve considered many different types of solutions to this. But, as will mentions, it’s not a great fit.

The largest hurdle is when two blocks are one over the other (vertically). If the top one gets narrower as a percentage of the screen width (using a % instead of a fixed pixel dimension) then the text would become longer (vertically) overlapping the block below it.

Of course, you could consider a system were blocks were somehow linked together – that the one below it would move down accordingly. And that would solve the problem.

It would be almost like the blocks were… wait for it… Stacked. :wink:

Stacks was designed to be the flexible version of Blocks. Since Stacks was released just as the iPhone was becoming super popular it was perfect to catch the wave of responsive design needs of the web.

I think there is some chance of rebuilding blocks a bit to include some more flexibility – but a fully responsive Blocks – that’s pretty much what Stacks is. :smiley:


Thank you so much isaiah for a very informed post. I shall do my best to get acquainted with Stacks a lot more as I now know this is the way forward.

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