UIKit settings for fonts, colors, size in Rapidcart Pro

(Lisa Sandler) #1

@rob What is the setting named in UIKit for these font/size/color options (see circled text in screenshots) in Rapidcart Pro? I have been fiddling like crazy but so many options I can’t figure out what they are related to in RCP.

On another note, how would I get the product in the cart to be closer to the options? There is a lot of empty extra space between them and it also makes it too wide for phones to see the product options.

This one is in the grid:

This one is in the cart options:

(Roberto Tremonti) #2

Product grid:

.rc-catalog-product-details h3.uk-panel-title {
    /* your style here */

Product options title:

div[id^=rc-product-options-modal] .uk-modal-header h3 {
    /* your style here */

Product options label:

div[id^=rc-product-options-modal] .uk-form-label {
    /* your style here */

Cart options:

@media (min-width: 768px) {
    #rc-cart-overview-form tbody td:nth-child(2) {
        width: 25%;

(Lisa Sandler) #3

@rob… is this supposed to be in addition to the UIKit settings I already have, or instead of? If I wanted to change more settings this way (and not use UIKit), is there a list of code for things like this? For example, I thought I changed the code in UIKit for the primary labels/buttons/links, but not sure.

(Roberto Tremonti) #4

CSS is a cascade stylesheet, rules at bottom override rules above.
You can add the code at bottom of Style window.

(Lisa Sandler) #5

thanks. I will try that.

(Wondrous) #6

Hi! Say please, how to remove the Country field when ordering the product?

And, how to add Cart on navigation bar?

(Aaron Welch) #7

I would like to know (in the UIkit) where the font-size-control is for the “Short Description” in a page’s grid of product panels. Any ideas how to change that from its default? (Mine’s too large.)

-Aaron Welch