RapidCart Pro overriding my font size setting

Hi all,

I’m trying out RapidCart Pro, learning how to use it actually and have setup a test store in my site using Foundry.

It seems that RCP is overriding my header font size, it is using the font I have selected but is overriding the sizing. The words “RWS Styled T-Shirt” are set as H2 in my Foundry header setting but is much smaller once published.

I have looked at the UIKit customiser in the RCP style page and I think the screenshot below has the CSS code for this…but not sure.

How would I change the CSS so RCP will not override my Foundry font size settings please?

Yes, I have sent a support request to Foreground too, but hoping someone out there in this great RW community might have some ideas as Foreground aren’t renown for their response.

Thanks again

This is the test page.

RapidCart Pro Style Customizer, as you can see, redefines all styles.
If you need to customize some elements, like buttons, and don’t want to override all other styles you need to remove all code except the one related to buttons.

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Hi Roberto,
Thanks for the response. Yes, I will do it that way or I will just remove all the custom CSS maybe.
Once again, thanks for getting back.
RCP is a great product, keep up the support and work.

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