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Anyone who can help me with Rapidcart Pro customization? @rob will not answer my support tickets, for over a month now. I know there is extra code that is getting removed/over-ridden and my site would be a lot cleaner with only the code I need, not everything that comes along with UIKit. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to JUST HAVE the code I need in customization. I’m also getting errors with font awesome loading.

Any help would be appreciated. I am not a programmer and have tried to look at the element inspection but I’m stuck.
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Hi Lisa,
ie. Code getting overridden - you are not going to get around this using a tool like RW and a theme. The whole nature of CSS being “Cascading Style Sheet” means that css code gets overridden by other style code, that’s how it is supposed to work. nothing to worry about. I suppose that in a “perfect world” when you were all done with a site there would be some way to automatically remove all unused code to make the files smaller , - that would be interesting.

The font errors, Do those files actually exist on your server?
it’s possible that your server doesn’t have a MIME type for .woff - that would takes some investigation.

Are the fonts working like expected on that page?

@swilliam do you actually use RCP? This is specifically related to that.

I understand what CSS means, but there is no reason to have the extra code if it’s being overridden. And yes, I put the code there, via UIKit, so I can take it out. I just don’t know what most of the code refers to.

Yes, the font files are on my server and they render.

My point… why have errors and messed up code if it can be fixed?

hmm… I wonder why?

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idk. He said he had some personal issues a couple of months ago, however I did see a post with a new update of RCP a week or so ago, so someone is working. Just not answering support tickets :frowning:

What does Foundation have to do with RCP? or do you just like to comment randomly?

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Oh… so you’re a TROLL! and not very smart, or helpful, or useful. Ha ha. I get it now.

Again… Foundation, it has nothing to do with RCP. You can use it with RCP, so how about you talk ONLY about what you know?

And thank you for giving me a reason to post all my fabulous tools and support!

I do have THE BEST! Thanks to all of you below!



huh??? Your comments were on MY post, AND totally had NOTHING to do with my post. As long as you understand that… maybe since English isn’t your first language, that might be the problem in translation.

Can I at least teach you that you can edit your post, instead of making two? You don’t seem to know how to do that, either.

@joeworkman I am so sorry this is involving your program.You do great work. I have no idea why this guy jumped on my RCP post.

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thank you, you’re such a sweetheart.

I hope you don’t do this to anyone else. Freak.

It’s “you’re”, not your. And thanks for tying up the forum with a bunch of crap. I see you finally figured out how to edit your own posts.