UK webmasters prepare for #Brexit – the EU is coming for your .eu domains

Any of you UK site owners that use a .eu TLD might want to read this article:

I can’t see that happening but doubtless it will be well reported by interested parties (i.e. parties selling domain names and related paraphernalia).

NTL it’s a good example of the complexity and intricacies of the UK/EU relationship and how the flippant idea of an in/out referendum was best not given to the sheeple at large.

Interestingly, we also have EU Vat regs to contend with and GDPR (which lots of people seem to be ignoring), both of which seem likely to be relevant once we leave. Will we be able to get rid of the annoying ‘cookie acceptance buttons’? Unlikely.

I’m still waiting for someone to explain the advantages of leaving.


I think there will be no need to do sth. Anybody can book a domain with foreign TLDs when the hoster offers such TLDs. And so you can buy an .eu-domain in future times whether you live in UK, Germany, Switzerland or elsewhere

To tell such stuff is a kind of a marketing strategy.

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