Unable to add photo to resources

I’m trying to add a photo from my hard drive into resources. I get the following message: “One or more resources already exist in this project. Would you like to duplicate the resources or use the existing ones?” Choices are Duplicate or Use Existing Resources. I don’t want either. I never had this issue before. I rebooted the laptop but still have the problem. Also, maybe related, is that on the left, under resources, it lists a bunch of folders on my hard drive that are unrelated to the website. I never had that before either. Ideas?

Happened to me once, I don’t know why, perhaps after an update?
In any case, I had to "remove the link to my photo library, I think, but honestly I forget where or how I did it, was it just using right-clicking a folder or was it in the stacks preferences?
Like I said, I don’t remember but you are not imagining it, it’s happened to me…
Someone will know better…

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