Unable to change logo file

I am using Voyager Pro theme and I accidentally dragged a psd file into the logo section rather than a jpg file. I later replaced it with the correct jpg file and have republished numerous times. The logo is showing up correctly in the preview but not in the published site. Also, I deleted the “Alt” text but the old alt text is still showing up. Any ideas?

A link would help to your site, but this also might be a possibility. If you recently added a stack that might have changed your page filename from index.html to index.php, you could have two pages on your site as RapidWeaver does not remove the old unused page.

Just an idea to look into.

You may have to use transmit or something to get rid of the PSD file on the sever. Your not the first to do this I have done it with banner image and wondered why it took so long to publish