Unable to publish


I am running the latest version of RW 6.3.6 and am receiving the message “uanble to publish”.

The counsel has been to revert to older version of RW. I have downloaded RW 6.3.5 from the history site.

Rookie question, I know: How do I purge the current version from my system (El Capitan) in order to re-install the older version. I deleted the current version, but it keeps “coming back”.

Thanks, Christiaan

Until you purge it from your system you can simply right- or control-click on your project file and in the contextual menu select the older version of RapidWeaver in the Open With option. Alternatively drop your project file on the older version’s icon in the dock.

RapidWeaver Central

@XLorenzen, try opening finder, clicking on Applications

Scroll to RapidWeaver

Right click (Option-Click) and choose show Package Contents

Delete the folder

Back in the Applications directory, delete the RW app


Install older version if newer one is gone now.

Hope that helps

Thanks for your responses.

I have reinstalled a previous version, but the problem of “not able to publish” has not been resolved, but persists.

Any other ideas? I remember this problem from an earlier version last year sometime. The problem disappeared after a subsequent update.

Thanks, guys,

I had another look at my settings this morning, and I am not sure why, but I am now able to successfully publish my website.

I appreciated your quick responses.