Publishing difficulty

With the latest versions of RW I’ve run into difficulty publishing. I’ve followed all of posted recommendations, to no avail: 1) I’ve changed the settings to slowest; 2) I’ve enabled upload logging; 3) I’ve republished all files; 4) I’ve marked all files as changed; 5) I’ve contacted my host. All to no avail. What’s up? Any advice or is this a bug in latest versions. The error messages are the following: 1) access denied to remote resources and 2) failure when receiving data from peer. They seem to alternate.

Hi @jlonghof, di your host go through the bookmark settings for the ftp part of Rapidweaver with you to make sure they were valid? Did your host verify the upload folder that you are to have as your root folder with you?

To me it sounds like you are not publishing to an allowed folder or the permissions on your server might be incorrect.

Hard to say really, not a common complaint with 6.3.6 that I have seen, was common for 6.3.x on OSX prior to Yosemite, is that perhaps the problem?

What version of Rapidweaver?
What version of Stacks
Any special Theme you are using or plug-ins or stacks that may be questionable?

Can you log into your site with an FTP/SFTP program such as CyberDuck or Transmit using the same credentials you have set for publishing in Rapidweaver?

Hope that gives you some direction…


Thanks Brad, Will give these a try. Jeff