Unable to save with 7.5.2 after moving pin/panning in RapidMaps 3.5.6

I am using RapidMaps on a number of pages to show the locations of our teams callouts.

In the last week or so, when I add a pin to the map and move the pin to a new location, or change the zoom or pan the map around, when I subsequently attempt to save the project it fails with the following error.

This is currently preventing me from updating our site with up-to-date data.

Has anyone seen this or anything like this before? I have attempted to save to a completely new *.rw file but the problem persists. It looks perhaps like a compatibility problem with RapidMaps v3.5.6 and Rapidweaver 7.5.2??

Bump. Really need to get this resolved, any ideas?

Sounds like you will possibly need a fix from Foreground and, following recent comments from Rapidcart 4 users, good luck with that.

There are other Map stacks which work very well although several require you get a google API.

Mapsnap from Yabdab use their own APIs which makes like easier

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