Unclutter Licence Issues (resolved)

I responded to a Realmac advertisement and bought an app called Unclutter. I assumed that this was a Realmac product, but maybe not.
I have had problems with licensing on more than one Mac. I want to use it two Macs. I have tried to contact the developer several times, but no reply.
Has anyone else bought this? Is it a Realmac product and do you know if it is a one machine only licence or if I have to buy a second licence. Its not that good, so I would rather not.
Needless to say, I am not impressed with the level of support from the developer.
Any help would be appreciated.
Many thanks

It doesn’t seem to be a Realmac product, and the terms says…

Uncluttered is not a Realmac app, they are just friends of ours. I’d imagine they are very busy right now, but they are a good company, so hang tight.

I’ve emailed them just now, so fingers crossed they’ll get back to you shortly.

Hi Brian,
This is Eugene from Unclutter.
Very sorry to keep you waiting.
I usually respond fast. But these days were very busy.

I am here to help. But since my response will contain your personal info, I suggest switching to email communication.
Please let me know your email address, so I can easily find your mail and respond.

Once again, I am sorry for the delay.

Eugene @Unclutterapp.

Problem solved :+1:

The issue has now been resolved. Thank you for your help and advice.

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