Can't Activate License

I have a new MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar and I migrated my data from my iMac using a Time Machine backup. RW 7.2.1. will not accept my license. I’m using the code that came in the activation email, and the correct email address. What do I do to fix this?

Looks like the problem is I failed to deactivate my license on my old MacBook Pro prior to wiping it clean. I’ll need Realmac to take care of that for me.

contact support at:

I just did so. Thanks!

This could be made better. RW knows the problem is I have too many activations, but instead it says activation failed because I used the wrong email address or code. That causes me a lot of work trying to figure out what RW already knows.

How many activations can we have…I’d like to also have RW on desktop and MacBook. How can I achieve this, any thoughts??

I don’t think it would be too much to ask that RW allows even just 2 activations per license.

Cheers Scott

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