Yourhead Support

Hi guys,

Anyone know how long it takes for Yourhead Support to respond to emails?

I’m in desperate need of them to sort out a stacks licence issue I’m having, I emailed a few days ago.

I can’t progress with my project until they resolve the issue :frowning:


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You can also send him a Private Message from this forum. Just click on his avatar and choose ‘Message’.


I also sent a message earlier, getting desperate now.

Have you tried their order lookup:

Hi Stuart,

Yes, I found my stacks 4 licence, however it’s asking for my stacks 3 licence (which the look up doesn’t find). I had no problem on my macbook, but recently moved everything to my iMac, then RW asked for a stacks upgrade. i put in my stacks 4 licence, it then asked for stacks 3 licence.

i’m stuck until this gets resolved as I can’t create new stacks pages.

I just did my lookup and the email showed all serial numbers, stacks 3 and 4 are there.

Could you have used a different email for stacks 3?

I tried literally every email I could think of to look up stacks 3 licence, just didn’t find it. Very frustrating

Did you click on “send order history” ? Because did this too but I hit enter after entering my email and it goes to an error page. You must hit the button.

Yes I did click, i received my stacks 4 licence history, but not my stacks 3. That’s the issue :slight_smile:

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He has been tagged above, Isaiah usually replies pretty quick.

You can also post on his slack channel.

cheers, still no word yet. It’s like waiting to open your presents on xmas day!

Did you keep your email receipt from when you purchased Stacks 3? Search your email for the original email, it has the serial numbers in the message.

I’ve searched everywhere, can’t find it. Nightmare this is proving to be.

All resolved, @isaiah found the serial number & I’m back to my project. The licence was under the ONLY email address I’d not checked. Thanks for your patience & advice guys,




sorry for the delay.
since it was not under your name or email we kept putting this ticket to the side to get more creative in finding the original purchase.

i eventually found it just by using some of the words from your URL. :smiley:



Again, you’re a legend!

Really saved my bacon today, so thank you!!!

Serial numbers for many addons can also be found in an old back up of the group containers folder. You are looking for a file named “” or something similar. I use a program called pref edit. The file can be opened with Text Edit but it will be a bit harder to find what you are looking for.

Many of your addon serial numbers are in that file. It is a pain to need that old serial but I understand why it is required.

1Password is essential to keep track of this stuff when you have many licenses.

I realise it’s past the event but I agree with the. comment about using 1Password to store all your serial numbers (and much more).
The other thing I do is keep a mailbox folder for each of the RW add-ons developers I purchase from. That way I can always go back to the original purchase emails.


I am having the same issue and emailed them yesterday. I do not need to upgrade but it is forcing me to in order to complete my project. When I get an answer I will come back and post please do the same.