Uneven Table column widths

I am stumped. The middle table has a different width column one and I cannot for the life of me see why. All settings seem to be the same as the one above and below. Any ideas please?

It’s going to be hard to get help without a URL.

Or at least tell us what you are using and some screenshots of the settings.

It’s password-protected so posting URL not that helpful. Side-by-side of general settings for two tables that are showing differently. I have checked the number of columns and that there is no additional text in the headings etc.

Without a URL to at least a test page, it’s hard to tell what might be causing the problem.

I have edited the page so that it’s no longer password-protected and have republished. I will post the URL once it’s complete. Thanks for your help.

Apologies, wasn’t publishing because the .php changed. Anyway, the offending page now unlocked here Dashboard | APC Answers

Since this is a Foundry site, you’re better off asking @Elixir for help. He has his own forum as well.

Thanks. Adam at Elixir confirmed that the columns auto-adjust to the content. The only way to solve my problem is to have them all as one table. HTH

As an alternative, it might be worth taking a look at this stack - I use it for all my tables and there’s a free demo.

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